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Course # 212
Title ~~ 24/7 Video ~~ Series of Videos for Beginner Deco
Description A series of vidoes focusing on beginning aspects of deco for a functional region with realism. This series of video class focuses on the deco applications in the Virtual Setting. There are videos focusing on seating script and a simple method to apply seating scripting for main level floors, raised level floors and "bar seating". Also is a video focusing on deco with realism Enter anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pass is for 72 hours. Fee is 75 rays - and is taken at door. This is a 24/7 VIDEO COURSE and is not available with Live interaction.
Number of Classes 1
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VeronicaFrancoUA Along with being an Utherverse member for over a decade, VeronicaFrancoUA is widely faceted in the 3D community. Veronica possesses a solid background in 3D decorating; she has enjoyed decorating since the zaby first became a part of Utherverse in the fall of 2008. Veronica's custom work for UV and its clients has been seen at the majority of the virtual conventions since 2012 to current. Veronica's involvement also expands to being a moderator and speaker at conventions in UV since 2012. She is well versed in creating texture maps for 3D objects and well versed in creating 3D environments with realism. Veronica has been recognized by the the Zaby Home Show and received awards for her decorating work. Veronica enjoys exploring and attaining new skills as new prop editing functions are released. Veronica attends many Utherverse functions and events; also hosting events in her own VWWs. Part of her enjoyment of Utherverse is helping new members learn their way around so that they may fully experience all that Utherverse has to offer in a myriad of environments. Veronica is well versed in the WG community and utilizes that experience to ensure that service provided for the client is euphorically memorable. Veronica brings experience from the adult industry, graphic arts, web design, marketing and business to Utherverse, as well as, earning two degrees. During Veronica's journey in Utherverse, she has met people from all over the world and finds the diversity in these friendships quite satisfying. This is part of what brings Veronica to be a Utherverse Instructor. The classes that Veronica currently offers are those of 3d decorating to enhance the virtual world focusing on mapping props or objects. Veronica's motto is "the sky is the limit" and we can all look upon the morrow as a new horizon in which to create, communicate and learn from one another".