UtherAcademy is revolutionizing higher learning around the globe via the 3D Web. Become an Eductaor and engage students in a virtual setting where students and Tutors/Instructors meet online in real time. If you have knowledge to share, UtherAcademy may be the place for you.

UtherAcademy is designed to help you innovate new methods of teaching or to establish special initiatives to improve your students’ learning.

  • Pioneer the art of teaching via the 3D web to millions of students around the globe.
  • Spread your applied knowledge and skill set in various exciting & interactive environments.
  • Develop personalized lessons and educational programs to effectively communicate with your students and increase engagement.
  • Target the type of students you want with direct marketing to over 10 million subscribers worldwide.
In order to become an Educator within the Academy, you must create a separate basic Utherverse member profile that will be used specifically for the purpose of working within the Academy. You must use this basic account to APPLY FOR AN EDUCATOR as we cannot badge a primary active account. This profile is what you will use to manage your Educators career with UA, and will be upgraded to VIP by UtherAcademy and Utherverse for the purposes of your role. Please do not upgrade this account on your own.