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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Utherverse® Volunteer program as an Academy Ambassador for UtherAcademy®.

The primary function of an Academy Ambassador is to be the friendly and welcoming face of UtherAcademy and to ensure that all students and potential students, both new and old alike, experience a fun and memorable time with us as well as receive an efficient and effective service.

Within their role, Academy Ambassadors will be expected to interact with new and potential students within the Utherverse community and through other resources to promote the learning possibilities available, be available to visitors to the academy to accompany them on guided tours and familiarise them with the services and courses offered, attend classes and events to support students to complete their enrolment and learn how to use the facilities in the classrooms and Learning Zones, promote the academy and courses through their profile, bulletins and Academy Calendar, engage in forum discussion to support members with their learning needs, and other functions to help members learn about UtherAcademy and the courses and services available to them. They will also act as a liaison and representative of the academy for staff, tutors, events, services and the volunteer community as a whole, within Utherverse.

Although we do supply a complimentary (volunteer) account (for a certain period of time), your current Utherverse username (reg name) VIP status will still need to be maintained by yourself. As an Academy Ambassador, you will still be required to pay for VIP on your regular account, though VIP status on your volunteer account will be implemented and free.

We also ask as a prerequisite that you are a VIP member for at least six months before being eligible to become a member of the Utherverse® Academy Volunteer Team. Please ensure that all the information provided below is filled out completely, one or two word answers may disqualify your application. Also please make sure that you advise us of any future name changes you make on the account you register, you please inform us of them via email at

UtherAcademy® Ambassadors